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Bodybuilding Statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus Ohio

November 19, 2016 / 2 comments, on Bodybuilding Statue

If you are ever in Columbus Ohio and you need something inspiring to see than you need to visit the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Witness the Arnold Schwarzenegger 8 foot high Bronze Bodybuilding Statue. It is truly an amazing thing to witness the size and scale of this statue. This statue was put in place in respect to Arnold. The significance of its location is because he placed the first Arnold Classic there. And it has been the home of the main competition since the first event ever held in 1989. Bellow is a picture Arnold posted to Instagram of him sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of the statue.


The statue is a example of the truly defined physic and makes you wonder why and where bodybuilding lost its way. The physic Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved is amazing and this statue represent this excellence. Its a far cry from the overly build bloated stomachs in todays bodybuilding world. but thats how things work they go to far before they are come back to a safer ground. It seems this statue acts as a homage to the golden days of bodybuilding. Arnold revisited the statue in columbus as a rededication after it had been moved  moved.  The statue was moved from the veterans memorial where it was first placed. It was moved to its new home out the front of the convention center because of demolitions at the memorial.


The name Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt synonymous with bodybuilding. What he has achieved in his lifetime is truly inspirational. When you see the statue in person it is a striking reminder of what one can do in his lifetime. He came from humble beginnings in Austria, he conquered the bodybuilding world. Than became a multi millionaire through business. Moving on to be the highest paid movie star of his time and than he went into politics.

what comes to mind when you think oh one who deserves a statue made of themselves. It looks like the human form has come full circle since the statues of strong aesthetic physique. Statues that Michelangelo sculpted like the statue of David are reminiscent when staring at this. When you realise today there is a statue of a real life person that has truly done great things. Its a way to immortalise a legend just like the Greeks and Romans did. This statue represents greatness of the human form and achieving ones potential.

The Golden Age of bodybuilding is a distant memory that we need to be reminded of. When looking at this statue you immediately think WTF is wrong with todays grotesk beasts. Todays bodybuilders have no doubt pushed it further but in doing so its not the same physic of greatness. Its a different physic that is being represented buy todays Bodybuilders. Overly grotesque bloated HGH guts that make them look pregnant. Thats why Arnolds bodybuilding day was the golden age and is the example to be followed. This Bodybuilding Statue of one of the most famous physics in bodybuilding to ever exist is a line in the sand that we can’t forget.

Bodybuilding Statue at the memorial before it was relocated



Pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Rededication





Where can you find the statue 

To find the statues location see the google map bellow.



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