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Top 5 Bodybuilding Figurines

December 2, 2016 / no comments, on Bodybuilding Figurines

Our top 5 bodybuilding Figurines list is buy no means definitive buy any one means. The list that we have contrived is based of the overall aesthetics of the figure, And how much the Figurine represents the Bodybuilding Physique. Its not just about the character represented its about the Physic. At we specialise in sourcing Figurines and figures that you can’t necessarily find. The Figurines that we depict in our top 5 list is not just of famous bodybuilders but of Anime Characters, Sculptures and Statues that have been given the overall aesthetic and Physique of a Bodybuilder.

#1 Jackhammer from Baki the Grappler

Number one would be the character Jackhammer from Baki the Grappler this Figurine is the epitome of the desired Bodybuilding Physique. He is shredded from head to toe. This Figure comes in two versions the bloody version and the normal version.

hanna-bali-jackhammer, Bodybuilding Figurine

hanna-bali-jackhammer Bodybuilding Figurine

#2 Biscuit Oliva from Baki the Grappler

This is one of the most highly sought and anticipated “Bodybuilding Figurines” that is based off a anime character. look at the pose it is almost as if this Figurine is posing for a judged at a Bodybuilding Competition. Biscuit Oliva is also a character from Baki the Grappler.

biscuit-olive Bodybuilding Figurine

biscuit-olive Bodybuilding Figurine

#3 MAX Bench Xtreme Figurine

In at number 3 is the “Max Bench Xtreme Figurine” witch is one of the most popular and highly sold Bodybuilding Figurines he also comes in other editions such as Max Curl, Max Squat and Workout Maniac these Figurines make for the perfect desk displays for that extra bit of motivation. They also just look really really good. The Max bench, and curl series are no doubt depicting of the bodybuilder Physique.

workout-maniac, max-bench, bodybuilding figurines and statues

workout-maniac max-bench bodybuilding figurines and statues

#4 Bodybuilding Figurine of Arnold Schwarzenegger

This list of the top 5 Bodybuilding Figurines wouldn’t be complete without the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. This figure is hard to find when we find them we will sell them. This Figurine is paintable so you can paint your own artist interpretation onto the Figurine.



#5 Bodybuilding Figurine Buy a individual sculpture

For the last on our list this Figurine is done buy a individual artist unfortunately it was not mad produced and finding this online for sale is very hard. But its on this list because it really is a great Figurine. Its really represents the Bodybuilder Physique, the individual sculpture must of spent countless hours designing this before being put into the mould and that is most probably why it is rare and hard to find figurine with the aesthetics to match simply because it costs to much money for them to mass produce. This is the well known process when manufacturing and distributing these Figures.


Bodybuilding Figurine Buy a individual sculpture

Bodybuilding Figurine Buy a individual sculpture

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